how to activate reliance netconnect broadband+ on a mac/windows

23 11 2009

1. You cannot activate the connection on the mac OS. However, if you have a windows installation on the mac or on any other computer which you have access to, you need to use that to activate the reliance netconnect usb modem.

2. Here are the steps: once you’ve booted onto windows, just plug in the thumb drive. the newer models auto run and they install the software. Or else, go to ‘my computer’ and you’ll see the reliance netconnect icon in the removable drives list. you need to click on that to install the software.

This software is the same one used to dial to the internet. Once you install the software you need to run it from the icon on your desktop.

3. Once the software runs you see a pop up window. To activate, just go to the ‘activate’ tab and enter “*228” and hit activate. Ensure your modem stays plugged in. The device starts dailling and you should hear an IVR(interactive voice response, the same one you hear when you call a customer service etc). Make sure your speakers are turned on. It just says your number has been activated. this is a one time process.

4. Now to dial to the internet you need to edit or setup the account. Goto settings. you may edit the details  by clicking on the edit button. Give the number as #777. username and password are the same  as your 10 digit MDN number. save. Connect.

5. Make sure you select network as broadband+ or hybrid. if you select “1X” the speed is going to be very less.

Make sure you disconnect it when you dont use the internet. Also it is advisable to turn off the windows updates when you are using this as this is not an unlimited internet and you will be charged per usage. Windows updates are usually over several megabytes and they consume your precious usage limit.

Mac users can use a program called “little snitch” which disables the automatic updates or any other connection. You have to manually allow a connection on any port when you use the little snitch. Basically it contains rules which are editable, rules which allow you to allow or deny connections to the internet. You may allow only the browser and other essential ones like messengers and disable others to save bandwidth usage.

As fas as i’ve seen I am getting  good speeds with the netconnect. The standard ISP speed test ( shows 0.4 Mbps download and 0.3Mbps as upload speed. So, I’m quite happy with the speed. However the customer care sucks. It is unbelievably bad.  I’m very patient so I can put up with it.